Academic Success

Our strategy to create academic success is to take a four-pronged approach.

First, we build the Foundation of Academic Success by teaching how to properly take notes, how to study and test-taking skills. Schools do not teach these things, but they make school much easier if children have these skills.

Second, building habits and techniques that make everything else fall into place. We teach productivity techniques, time management and how to keep a schedule.  This prevents homework or studying for exams from falling through the cracks and because they become more efficient they are less resentful towards school and view it in a more positive light which makes them more effective learners and students.

Third, we teach teens things like self-discipline, taking ownership, and how to create habits and productive routines. All of these are invaluable, especially when they head off to college and are suddenly responsible for everything.

Fourth, we feel like students are not being taught how to properly write and communicate. We have world-class grammar and communication tutors that will blow your kid’s minds by making grammar and writing interesting.

Where Will Your Child Benefit The Most?

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