Foundation Classes

We teach teenagers the foundational skills of life.  Our classes are taught in-person to groups of 15-25 teenagers at a time.   Parents are highly encouraged to attend!

There is nothing more important to success and happiness than good habits. There just isn’t. WE should have a whole year of classes in schools dedicated to building great habits. I could talk all day about habits but condensed this class to just 90 minutes, and this was a great challenge.

  • Why habits are so powerful
  • The science of habits – Cue, Routine, Reward, and the Why
  • How to create habits
  • Examples of good habits for teens
  • The Morning Ritual

Honesty, Work Ethic, Integrity, Loyalty. Values shape all of our decisions and permeate every aspect of our lives. This class is one of our favorites and one that students absolutely love.

  • Honesty
  • Work Ethic
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty

I used to find it so confusing when I would see people with creativity, great ideas and a sharp mind have such a hard time succeeding in life. Then I noticed a pattern with all of them. They had no self-discipline. This is so sad because it is easy to learn and develop, but it takes work and some new ways of thinking.

  • Why self-discipline is important
  • How to use habits to create self-discipline

Making a good first impression is something that will be valuable throughout our lives. There is a science to it and it is our honor to share it.

  • The Breakdown of the Handshake – More complicated and important than most believe
  • How to Start and Carry a Good Conversation
  • How to Carry Yourself – We break down and practice how to walk into a room with charisma
  • Dinner table etiquette

Taking ownership and responsibility is the first step to improving any situation and improving yourself. We train our students that instead of blaming others, they will be much better off  taking ownership of the situations they find themselves in and we do exercises practicing that.

  • Examples of people taking ownership
  • It’s important because as a result you get…
    • Smarter – Active mind
    • World gets better – Better relationships, Better performance
    • You become a leader – People turn to person taking ownership
  • How to take control of a situation (Emergency response practice and training)
  • Activity of taking ownership in their lives

Filial Piety & Respect – Something lacking in our youth is respect for parents and respect for the elders in society. This is unfortunate, not just for the sake of the parents or elders, but for the sake of the children themselves. Seneca once said “Any man who reveres will soon find himself worthy of being revered.”  What he meant by this is that we all need people to admire, to look up to.  If we have our ego under enough control and we are willing to learn from the good models around us,  we our on our way to being someone worthy of being a role model.

I am a big fan of Confucius who understood the importance of filial piety and passing down values from one generation to the next. It is something that cannot be underestimated in my opinion.

One of the most misunderstood subjects is Nutrition. We try to clean up the subject and separate legitimate research from hype and trash.

  • Breakdown of current diet
  • What is ideal? How do we know?
  • Hunter-Gatherer diet

Before they know it, they are going to be responsible for their finances and it is important they have an idea of what they are doing before they get themselves in trouble by racking up credit card debt.

  • Principles of balancing a budget
  • Frugality
  • How to find good deals

Why is that our children never learn how to be students? It’s like we expect them to be born knowing how to master the art of making good grades.  Unfortunately, schools never teach kids how to properly take notes, study or take tests. We decided to have a class dedicated to these important skills.

  • Why good grades are important  (You become the type of person that can make good grades which means you have to develop self-discipline and organization which will lead to the creation of good habits).
  • How to deal with teachers
  • Befriend other smart students
  • Study habits
  • The art of test taking
  • How to write the perfect essay

Production is one of the most important life skills sorely lacking in our youth today. This is partly due to addictive technology and partly because it’s also something that is not emphasized.

  • We teach them to capture everything that needs to be done or researched
  • Get clear on priorities
  • Eliminate tools and time sinks that do not align with priorities
  • Energy Management – Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition, Body Position and Movement
  • Creating good work environment

Do our schools teach grammar anymore? If they do, students are not listening. It’s bad, folks! Writing is such an important skill. Many wise people have said that we read to learn about the world, but we write to learn about ourselves. I agree with that thinking. Writing forces students to clean up their thinking and be able to express themselves with clarity and power.

  • Why writing is important for your career and your growth
  • How to organize your thoughts – Clear thinking leads to good writing
  • Simple and concise writing – How to get rid of clutter, the disease of writing
  • Common grammar mistakes – mastering the comma and the apostrophe
  • Personal communication and emails

People with good people skills will never have a hard time finding a job, making friends or finding a significant other. It is one of the most important factors in building a good life, but it is so rarely taught.

  • Be genuinely interested in what others are saying – LEARN TO LISTEN
  • Don’t complain or criticize
  • Different social situation exercises
  • The art of the conversation

The most common fear in the USA is the fear of public speaking, even more common than death!!  Not being able to confidently and competently speak in public is one of the most limiting factors on what could otherwise lead to very successful careers.

  • How to generate confidence
  • How to deliver a presentation or speech
  • Activities and Practice, Practice, Practice

Macroeconomics is a useless field of study, but this is what they teach in school. We teach useful business principles that will enable them to be successful throughout life.

  • Supply and demand: At Foundation we teach supply and demand through the lens that we will all likely be compensated by how difficult it is to replace us. For example, a recent graduate with a communications degree and no unique skills will not, and does not, deserve to make as much as someone with an engineering degree because they are so easy to replace. This way of teaching supply and demand sticks with young people.
  • Build skills and knowledge early on in life
  • Importance of a good network
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