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There is nothing more important to success in business than good habits.  There is a science to creating great habits and Dr. Talbot will walk your employees through that process. 

As Warren Buffett said:  “The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.”

What you can expect –

  • Why habits are so powerful
  • The science of habits – Cue, Routine, Reward, and the Why
  • How to create lasting habits
  • The Morning Ritual
  • Using your clients habits to your advantage

Honesty, Work Ethic, Integrity, Loyalty. Values shape our businesses and permeate every aspect of our lives. Every company has a set of values, but do your employees exemplify them?  We work with your employees to help them define what those values mean to the company as well as themselves.  

Topics discussed:

  • Honesty
  • Work Ethic
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty

Employers often find it confusing when they see employees with creativity, great ideas and a sharp mind have such a hard time succeeding their role.  A lack of self-discipline is often the catalyst to mediocre work.  Dr. Talbot created a lesson on self-discipine that is innovative and leads to massive changes in behavior.

Topics Discussed

  • Why self-discipline is important
  • How to use habits to create self-discipline
  • Common pitfalls
  • Understanding your co-workers and getting the most out of them

Making a good first impression is the key to starting a fruitful business relationship. It is said people have an opinon of you within 6 seconds of meeting you, and more often than not before you even speak.  Dr. Talbot will work with your employees on the techniques and skills required to make great first impressions.

Topics discussed –

  • The Breakdown of the Handshake – More complicated and important than most believe
  • How to Start and Carry on a Great Conversation
  • How to Carry Yourself – We break down charisma and how to create it
    • Posture and Body Language
  • Dress/wardrobe

Taking ownership and responsibility is the first step to improving the way problems are solved in business. We train your employees that instead of blaming others, and pointing fingers, taking ownership is what leads to success.  Dr. Talbot’s lesson on Taking Ownership teaches employees how to be leader even if they are not in a leadership role. 

Topics discussed –

  • What is taking ownership?
  • Why is it important?
    • Smarter – Active mind
    • World gets better – Better relationships, Better performance
    • You become a leader – People turn to the person taking ownership

All of our lessons focus on self-development and growth, but this one may be the most valuable of all.  Whether you have a fantastic product or service, a client’s decision to buy often hinges on how persuasive you are.   There are dozens of techniques that, when applied properly, can drastically change the way you do business. 

Topics discussed –

  • Principles of persuasion
  • How to overcome any rejection
  • Perception vs. Reality
  • Truth vs. Fiction

Productivity is one of the most important life skills sorely lacking in our world today. This is partly due to addictive technology and partly because it is not emphasized by institutions.  We provide the tools and knowledge to increase your employees productivity and maximize their contribution to your business.

Topics Discussed – 

  • How to capture everything that needs to be done or researched
  • Set clear priorities
  • Eliminate tools and time sinks that do not align with priorities
  • Energy Management – Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition, Body Position and Movement
  • Creating a productive work environment

Employees with good people skills will never have a hard time creating new clients, making lasting relationships or growing within a company. It is one of the most important factors in building a good life, but it is so rarely taught.

Topics Discussed –

  • Be genuinely interested in what others are saying – LEARN TO LISTEN
  • Don’t complain or criticize
  • Different social situation exercises
  • The art of the conversation

The most common fear in the USA is the fear of public speaking, even more common than death!!  Not being able to confidently and competently speak in public is one of the most limiting factors on what could otherwise lead to very successful careers.

Topics discussed –

  • How to create confidence
  • Tools needed to deliver a presentation or speech
  • Charisma and body language
  • Activities and Practice, Practice, Practice

Most of your employees likely have a four year degree or more, however college often only proves someones willingness to finish something rather than the ability to develop a new skill. We teach useful business principles that will enable them bring profitability and success to your company.

Topics discussed –

  • Supply and demand: For example, a recent graduate with a communications degree and no unique skills will not, and does not, deserve to make as much as someone with an engineering degree because they are so easy to replace. This way of teaching supply and demand sticks with  people.
  • The need to constantly build new skills and gain knowledge
  • Importance of a good network and how to create one
  • Systems vs. Goals
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