Interpersonal Skills

No matter what field or industry your child goes into, one thing is certain, they will be benefited tremendously by having good interpersonal skills. Good interpersonal skills are becoming rarer in our youth by the year. Not to mention that good interpersonal skills is a highly strong predictor of life happiness and success. Its importance cannot be overstated.  We help out in a many different ways:

Manners – We teach how to properly introduce themselves with an immaculate handshake. We show the importance of things like helping out with the dishes, showing appreciation to adults, etc.

Respect for Parents and other Elders, the idea of Filial Piety

How to handle themselves at social occasions with a focus on body language and how they come off to other people

Leadership – A good leader will always be successful because good leaders are extremely valuable and rare. Leadership is a skill that can be trained. Your child will be greatly ahead of the curve when it comes to this important skill.

Where Will Your Child Benefit The Most?

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