Personal Development

“Over time, people tend to get what they deserve.” – Warren Buffet

This is something we at Foundation believe 100%. The best way to get what we want out of life is to deserve it. This is why it is so important that we teach your children how to start the process of self-development. Here are some of the things we teach:

“Habits formed in youth make all the difference.” – Aristotle

  • Your child will have a morning routine after they come to our How to Create Habits class. We teach them proven techniques to not only start habits but keep them. Here is a blog post by Dr. Talbot to give you an idea of what we teach.


  • Core Values – We help teach some crucial values. Things like honesty, integrity, promptness, cleanliness, etc. We know teenagers have a tendency to start ignoring parents once they reach a certain age, third parties can reach teens much easier than parents because there is not that prior relationship that tends to block communication at times.


  • Cooking and Nutrition – It is important they know the basics of cooking and nutrition before they go off to college so they can avoid putting on that “Freshman 15 and getting into some unhealthy habits.

Where Will Your Child Benefit The Most?

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