About Dr. Trent

Dr. Trent Talbot is an ophthalmologist currently practicing in Beaumont, Texas. He is not your average ophthalmologist. During his free time in medical school he started a successful publishing company that focuses on test prep. That is how he got into the education industry and had been obsessed with it ever since.

One issue that Dr. Talbot is particularly obsessed with is giving young people a more well-rounded and practical education. He is backing that up with Foundation, a company built to prepare students in all the ways that the current education system fails to do. Lessons such as:

  • Teaching Self-Discipline and Self-Control
  • Teaching the value of habits and guiding students through the process of creating powerful habits that will last a LIFETIME
  • The Foundation of Academic Success – How to take notes, study and test-taking skills
  • Productivity and Time Management
  • People Skills, Self-Confidence, and Leadership
  • Manners and Respect for Parents and Elders
  • Gratitude
  • Much More

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